Zabbix Summit 2023 will take place on October 57 in Riga, Latvia. And while Summit veterans will feel right at home at our venue – the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija – everything else this year promises to be a new and unique experience. Let’s take a look at what Summit attendees can expect to see, and remember – if you don’t want to fly solo, you can book the companion pass and attend the Summit with a friend or family member.  

A chance to learn from the best 

During the Summit, you’ll be able to catch a variety of presentations from top Zabbix thought leaders. Our goal is to provide you with a diverse set of presentations covering a variety of topics. That includes everything from presenting the latest Zabbix features to use cases and how-tos. In addition, everyone will be able to participate in Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation. 

Attending the Summit gives you a chance to: 

  • Listen to over 20 presentations from the world’s leading Zabbix experts
  • Learn about new and upcoming Zabbix features 
  • Explore use cases from a variety of industries 
  • Check out examples of how to automate Zabbix deployment and configuration 
  • Ask questions during live Q&A sessions 


Gain hands-on experience with the latest features at Zabbix workshops 

Zabbix Summit workshops are a great opportunity to check out the latest features and use cases in action. During the workshop sessions, you’ll get a chance to perform a variety of practical tasks under the guidance of workshop session hosts and their assistants.  

Don’t forget to bring your own laptop – depending on the topic covered in the particular workshop, an SSH client and a web browser may also be required. 

All workshop sessions will take place on the morning of October 7. 


Get Zabbix certified and prove your expertise

Do you have plenty of experience tracking a variety of monitoring endpoints and implementing multiple monitoring scenarios? Maybe now is the right time to let the world know about it! During Zabbix Summit 2023, you’ll be able to prove your skills as a Zabbix specialist or professional by taking Zabbix certified training exams. 

The following one-day courses will also be held from October 2 through October 4: 

If you’re willing to extend your stay in Riga just a bit longer, you’ll also be able to take the full Zabbix Certified Specialist or Professional courses scheduled for October 9 – 13. Please remember that you can choose more than one training course, and it’s possible to attend the courses (without the 10% Summit discount) even if you’re not attending the Summit.

You can sign up here if you’re attending the summit, or here if you don’t plan to attend.


Share your Zabbix story at the Feedback and Testimonial corner 

For the first time at a Zabbix Summit, you’ll be able to share your Zabbix story with the rest of the Zabbix community at our Feedback and Testimonial corner. Sharing a testimonial or leaving a review will give you a chance to collect a piece of exclusive Zabbix Summit 2023 merchandise!

Merchandise Shop

And speaking of merchandise, you’ll be pleased to know that not only will exclusive Zabbix Summit merchandise be available at a special stand on October 6 and 7, but we’ll also be launching an online platform before the Summit that will allow you to pre-order your merchandise and pick it up at the Summit.

Enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere at Zabbix Summit 2023 parties 

It’s not all serious business at a Zabbix Summit. We’ve made sure to give you plenty of time to network with your fellow Zabbix fans by organizing three great Summit parties!  

The Zabbix Summit 2023 welcome party on October 5 will be held at the famed Stargorod Riga, a must-visit brewery in the heart of the city. You’ll enjoy tasty beverages, delicious food, and the opportunity to meet your fellow Zabbix enthusiasts from around the globe in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll want to have a great time at the welcome party, but you’ll also want to save some energy for the Summit main party the following day at the Latvian Railway History Museum! It’s the ideal place to forge valuable connections and bond with new friends over your shared love of all things Zabbix. 

And because nobody likes to waste a minute during a Summit, there will be a closing party on October 7. Details are still pending, but you can expect an atmosphere of good vibes and relaxation that will send you home refreshed and ready to apply everything that you’ve learned during the Summit.  

Visit the Zabbix offices and meet the team 

As per tradition, Zabbix will host an open-door day on October 5 from 13:00 – 15:00 local time. You’ll be able to chat with Zabbix team members, take a tour of our headquarters, and challenge your favorite Zabbix employees to a few rounds of foosball or badminton. 

We hope to see you soon in Riga, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry – as in previous years, we’re going to be livestreaming the speeches on YouTube!




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