How Zabbix has been developed throughout the years? Interview with Zabbix senior developers.

This year Zabbix as a company marks the 15th anniversary. Tens of people worked hard to make Zabbix one of the world’s most demanded and recognizable monitoring tool. There are people, whose work was and stays crucial for the product to be valuable – the developers. We decided to speak to the two Zabbix old-timers who are working in Zabbix from the very beginning till now and ask questions about how Zabbix has been developed throughout the years as well to uncover the Zabbix developers’ every day. 

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Zabbix Rocking It Out at Events of 2017

Always trying to be closer to our users, we actively take part in various IT expos, conferences and meetups all over the world. Throughout the year we’ve spread Zabbix knowledge, attracted new users, met our fans, discussed the future of Zabbix with our partners and revealed tips for the best practices on managing your monitoring tasks.

Let’s have a quick overview of what we’ve experienced this year!

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