Zabbix is translated in multiple languages, 21 in total. Some are in better shape, some in worse, but the 2.0.3 release marks something fairly unique – 6 languages have 100% coverage.

These are (alphabetically):

  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • English (United States)
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

While the introduction of string freeze surely has helped, a huge thank you goes to all translators. That was great work, and even those languages who did not make it to 100% made great progress – here we should probably again mention German going from 81% to 94%. You can see full list of languages that were updated at least somewhat in the “What’s new in 2.0.3” article (along with other goodies in this release).

Now, things do not end with 2.0.3 surely. How many can we get to 100% for 2.0.4 is the next question 😉

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