Zabbix Conference 2013 is coming. And for the third time it will happen at the hometown of Zabbix – Riga, Latvia.

If you joined us for the first two conferences in 2011 and 2012, you already know that not only those were great events both in technical and social way, it was also an opportunity to visit Riga – largest city in Baltic states that’s more than 800 years old, “the finest collection of art nouveau buildings in Europe” that’s housing largest medieval church in Baltic states as well. Having a diverse range of attractions, including internationally known Opera and a vibrant nightlife, it is a great place to visit even besides the Zabbix conference.

But we are interested in the conference, of course. Thus we present…

Zabbix Conference 2013 map

Similar to the map provided for the Zabbix Conference 2012, we would like to note important locations on the map. Whether it’s Zabbix headquarters that you are welcome to visit, conference venue, airport or old town, we will try to put the most important places on the map for our visitors not to get lost.

[mapsmarker layer=”2″]

We have pointed out the places we are fairly sure about at this time. As further events are added/confirmed, we will be updating the map for our guests not to be lost.

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