It was interesting. It was fun. But what matters the most, Zabbix community members got back together in one place to share their experiences, ideas and thoughts about their beloved product – Zabbix Monitoring Solution!

This year Zabbix Conference gathered 154 delegates from 23 countries, including four “countries-leaders” from which the biggest number of guests arrived: UK, Russia, Poland and the Netherlands.
During 3 days (or 52 hours in total) of the conference official and informal programs we learned, heard and saw quite a lot of exciting, motivating, attention-grabbing and, of course, funny moments. So let’s remember everything step by step.

Zabbix Welcoming Party at Zelta Bowling in Mexican Style!

Well… we all know, or at least heard that passing the Mexican border might sometimes be quite challenging. Right? Wrong! Because passing the Mexican border controlled by the Zabbix team is not only challenging, but almost impossible and unbelievably unpredictable.

Party guests could choose to pass the border in two ways: legally or illegally. However, for some reason, most of the guests didn’t have enough “passing attributes” to enter the improvised Mexico legally, so strict border guards sent everyone to sneak across the border in the illegal way and as a punishment to do either the Limo dance, or ride a horse until they enter Mexico. 🙂

The bowling championship, competition for the most unusual shot on skittles and competition for the most virtuoso drinker – all these and much more was waiting for our guests at Zabbix Welcoming Party!

Zabbix Conference Day 1 & Day 2 – Official Program

21 international speakers shared their projects, new developments, ideas, suggestions and future plans, related to Zabbix. During the presentations our conference attendees had a great chance to see different kinds of live demonstrations and technical sessions on how Zabbix works and make their own judgments and conclusions.


Two days of careful listening and hard brainwork have not been in vain as soon after the conference we started receiving e-mails of gratitude from event attendees for the gained knowledge and valuable information that helped them to know Zabbix system better and fill in missing gaps. So, a low bow and sincere thanks to all of our speakers for bringing and sharing your knowledge with all of us!

Zabbix Conference Party – One for All and All for One!

Straight after the 1st conference day all our guests were welcomed at The Black Cat House Restaurant in Old Riga. The evening program was filled with a short and tricky quiz, lots of prizes for the attendee guests and wonderful live music, performed by one of the most famous and inspiring Latvian artists Jay Stever (Jānis Stībelis).

The Zabbix team not only knows how to have fun, but also knows how to have fun, gaining benefit from it! 🙂 Besides great mood, good drinks, tasty food and pleasant atmosphere, we also had a voting for the next Zabbix feature that will be developed by Zabbix team for free!!! The guests had a chance to give their votes for the following features:

The biggest number of votes got… drumroll… ZBXNEXT – 581! As promised by Alexei Vladishev, the “winner” will be developed by this Christmas! So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and looking forward for Zabbix Santa to fulfill our wish!

Last, but Not Least – Relaxing Evening Trip to Rundale Palace Museum

By the end of an intensive conference nothing could be better than a calming, relaxing and quiet trip to a beautiful place, full of mysterious history and picturesque views. This time such a place was the famous and beloved by Latvians Rundale Palace Museum with its charming park, which did not leave anybody indifferent. Thanks to the English-speaking tour guide our guests heard lots of interesting historical facts about this one of the two major baroque palaces in Latvia.

But of course, as often happens, due to very hard work during the two days of conference, by the end of the excursion our guests “gave up” on being serious and quiet and had a good laugh all together… about what? Well… this secret will remain in the history of the castle walls! 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s it for now. That’s how Zabbix did it its own way in 2013! Thanks to all of you once again for being with us and making everything happen. See you all next year!!!

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