Zabbix Conference 2014As promised, we continue our series of pre-conference interviews with another professional speaker for this year’s Zabbix conference – Patrik Uytterhoeven.

Patrik Uytterhoeven is a Linux Consultant at Open-Future. Patrik had already 16 years of experience in IT and monitoring of mainframes before he joined Open-Future, the company that became the first Zabbix Reseller in Belgium.  In the beginning of 2013 Patrik Uytterhoeven took the opportunity to go to Zabbix SIA and certify as a Zabbix Certified Zabbix Trainer.

From left to right: Dimitri Bellini (Quadrata di Bellini Dimitri), Alain Ganuchaud (Core IT Project), Tom Van Humbeeck (Open Future BVBA), Patrik Van Uytterhoeven (Open Future BVBA)

On Zabbix Conference 2014, Patrik Uytterhoeven will demonstrate a practical session “Zabbix Deployment with Ansible”. If you want to get details on Patrik’s demo, please visit conference Agenda page.

Pre-conference Interview with Patrik Uytterhoeven

How did you / your company discovered Zabbix?

P.U.: I discovered Zabbix thru the company I work for, who was already using Zabbix before I joint them. When I started to work there, I got the opportunity to follow Zabbix Professional Training.

Why did you choose Zabbix and what made it to stand out from other available monitoring software?

P.U.: Before I worked with Zabbix I had to use other monitoring solutions based on Nagios. Compared to them Zabbix is much better in getting data and storing it for later reference. It is more easy to use because of the web interface and the package is much more complete, where others rely on 3rd party solutions.

What was the key motivation for you to become one of our speakers at Zabbix Conference 2014?

P.U.: Focus this year was on scaling and I was just busy with an ansible to create an automated configuration management script to deploy our Zabbix server setup and the agents. As I love Zabbix I thought this was a great opportunity.

Zabbix Conference takes place for the 4th year. What do you want attendees to learn from your session?

P.U.: About how easy it can be to deploy a Zabbix server and the agents in a new environment. Instead of doing things manually it is possible to install the server deploy agents and add them to a Zabbix server with a correct template in just a few minutes.

What is the key message that you will bring to the conference audience by your presentation?

P.U.: Configuration management is the key to success in deploying your Zabbix environment.

This year’s Conference has a strong emphasis on scaling and high performance monitoring. What are your thoughts on the selected key topic?

P.U.: Infrastructure grows, so scaling Zabbix is necessary. Everybody wants to get the best out of his hardware and software, so performance monitoring is a must. Now, when everyone is moving to virtualization, it gets more difficult to monitor performance issues as the impact from 1 machine can bring down the rest.

What do you look forward to at this year’s Zabbix Conference? What topics / issues you are more likely to discuss outside your session?

P.U.: How to promote Zabbix to potential customers and how to find more customers, who don’t know about Zabbix yet; other issues attendees might have, which are not easy to solve.

For those, who are still not registered for the upcoming Zabbix Conference, please share your thoughts and reasons why they should join it?

P.U.: For those, who are still not sure if they will come or not. Don’t wait any longer, book your ticket today. It’s an opportunity to meet community people, developers, etc. Even if you think you know everything about Zabbix, there is probably something you don’t. Even if you do know everything, then Zabbix conference can be the place to share your knowledge and have a great weekend with mind like people.

Zabbix Team appreciates time and contribution of Patrik Uytterhoeven and for his honest vision and opinion about Zabbix and the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2014.

We hope you really enjoy getting to know a bit better this year’s Zabbix Conference speakers and their prepared topics for you! 🙂 The conference is getting closer and there are only 3 weeks left for you to grab this chance and register for Zabbix Conference 2014. 20 presentations from 16 experts in the field are waiting for you at the upcoming event! Register today and get instant answers and professional advice on Zabbix Monitoring Solution from the leading Zabbix experts, followers and users!

This Friday, read what Dimitri Bellini from Quadrata will discuss at Zabbix Conference 2014.

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