Zabbix Conference 2014

Zabbix Conference 2014 in only 41 days away, and there are only 21 days left for you to register for the biggest Zabbix annual event – Zabbix Conference 2014!

This year the central theme of Zabbix Conference will be dedicated to scaling and high performance monitoring. Event delegates will have a unique chance to attend live talks, demos and presentations, dedicated to high-performance monitoring, scalability, performance tuning, distributed monitoring, proxy, large-scale installations, etc.

The upcoming conference is about to gather the greatest minds and IT geeks from all over the world to obtain new knowledge, skills, technical and social experience during the 2-day event. To introduce you closer with our honored speakers and their prepared presentations, we continue to publish our series of pre-conference interviews, where you can read in details what you can expect from the upcoming conference, what info you will get and what people you will meet.

To follow up previously published pre-conference interviews with Zabbix Conference 2014 speakers, please visit Zabbix Weblog.

Pre-conference Interview with Dimitri Bellini

Dimitri Bellini and Alexei Vladishev (Founder & CEO, Zabibx SIA) at Zabbix Conference 2012

Dimitri Bellini is a System Integrator at Quadrata with over 10 years of Unix experience within enterprise environment, having extensive knowledge of storage arrays and SANs. Dimitri is using Zabbix since 2005, and in 2013 he was officially certified as Zabbix Certified Trainer.

On the Day 1 of Zabbix Conference 2014 Dimitri will have a short talk about “Monitoring Enterprise SAN”. Details on Dimitri’s talk and other scheduled presentations are available here.

How did you / your company discovered Zabbix?

D.B.: We discovered Zabbix some years ago from the glorious Freshmeat web portal.

Why did you choose Zabbix and what made it to stand out from other available monitoring software?

D.B.: We prefer Zabbix because: it is real OpenSource; great Documentation and big community; Zabbix Agents for every OS; very full feature and very good data interpolation using trigger; great flexibility using scripting and API.

What was the key motivation for you to become one of our speakers at Zabbix Conference 2014?

D.B.: The biggest motivation is – we want to show that Zabbix is not only used on small installation. The Enterprise Company needs OpenSource software because it is well documented and is very supported from company like Zabbix SIA and from the community. Additionally we will bring some experience on the common problem of a big scenario.

Zabbix Conference takes place for the 4th year. What do you want attendees to learn from your session?

D.B.: I would like to bring my daily Zabbix experience and discuss the possible way to do better with Zabbix.

What is the key message that you will bring to the conference audience by your presentation?

D.B.: With Zabbix we can monitor “everything”. Zabbix is good for enterprise. We still have some problems with Zabbix on big environments.

This year’s Conference has a strong emphasis on scaling and high performance monitoring. What are your thoughts on the selected key topic?

D.B.: Zabbix is growing fast and at the moment it is a very good software, but Zabbix SIA have to understand that the real money comes from the Enterprise Class Company and the competitor of this class of software is still growing, so we must focus on this business. Zabbix SIA understands that for some years, but we need much more, like: Zabbix Server as a High Availability distributed process; better integration with Enterprise monitoring protocol like CI; better handling of big environments; better solutions for data reporting (CEO like that on Enterprise).

What do you look forward to at this year’s Zabbix Conference? What topics / issues you are more likely to discuss outside your session?

D.B.: Mainly Zabbix Server as a High Availability distributed process and better handling of big environments.

For those, who are still not registered for the upcoming Zabbix Conference, please share your thoughts and reasons why they should join it?

D.B.: Come on guys “we are making the history of the OpenSource monitoring”!

Zabbix Team appreciates time and contribution of Dimitri Bellini and for his honest vision and opinion about Zabbix and the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2014.

Next week on Tuesday, 5 August, be ready to read the pre-conference interview with Alain Ganuchaud from Core IT Project.

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