Zabbix Conference 2014With only 17 days left to register for Zabbix Conference 2014 – we encourage you to act now and not to miss this great opportunity to participate in the biggest international IT event, organized by Zabbix SIA! Meeting with people and community that share your interests, share knowledge, get new experience, get new connections for future – there are so many valuable reasons for you to come to Zabbix Conference! We promise you, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Today we continue to interview our honored sponsors of upcoming conference. This time we are happy to introduce you with Alain Ganuchaud.

Pre-conference Interview with Alain Ganuchaud

Alain GanuchaudAlain Ganuchaud is a CEO at Core IT Project. Alain comes from the company Hewlett-Packard, developing around HP OpenView, especially in the area of databases. Then he established two OpenSources Companies, focusing on major accounts. Now, being as Zabbix Certified Specialist for Large Environment, Alain provides Zabbix consulting for 6 years, especially in the Banking sector & Large environment companies.

During Zabbix Conference 2014, Day 1, Alain Ganuchaud will present his talk, called “Zabbix: choice of 2 of Top 5 largest French banks”. If you wish to find out more about Alain’s presentation and what aspect he will cover, then please refer to conference’s official Agenda.


How did you / your company discovered Zabbix?

A.G.: Coming from HP, I originally used to monitor with HP OV. When I created my OpenSource Company, I used Nagios, but was not satisfied with it. So, in 2006 I discovered Zabbix.

Why did you choose Zabbix and what made it to stand out from other available monitoring software?

A.G.: Much more powerful than Nagios, easy to install, true distributed architecture can fit big companies.

What was the key motivation for you to become one of our speakers at Zabbix Conference 2014?

A.G.: To prove Zabbix can monitor over 10,000 servers, but also highlight the glue that can be developed around Zabbix for such big architectures.

Zabbix Conference takes place for the 4th year. What do you want attendees to learn from your session?

A.G.: Help the audience to understand how Zabbix can monitor big architectures, especially in the Banking sector; also highlight some limits for which you have to develop some light glue.

What is the key message that you will bring to the conference audience by your presentation?

A.G.: Zabbix is able to monitor comfortably over 10,000 servers.

This year’s Conference has a strong emphasis on scaling and high performance monitoring. What are your thoughts on the selected key topic?

A.G.: This is the main focus of my presentation.

What do you look forward to at this year’s Zabbix Conference? What topics / issues you are more likely to discuss outside your session?

A.G.: I am open to any discussion, but I am mainly interested in 1) big architectures issues and solutions, 2) Zabbix roadmap

For those, who are still not registered for the upcoming Zabbix Conference, please share your thoughts and reasons why they should join it?

A.G.: If you are thinking Open Source Monitoring, if you have over 5,000 servers/nodes or complex architecture and doubt that an OpenSource can help, please come!

Zabbix Team appreciates time and contribution of Alain Ganuchaud and for his honest vision and opinion about Zabbix and the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2014.

Zabbix Conference Team invites you to join our upcoming event and hear/see all scheduled talks, discussions and live demos by yourself. It is an exceptional and unique chance you do not want to miss!

Next week make sure to read our next pre-conference interview with Isaac Uribe, Registry Monitoring Engineer at ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

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