Zabbix Conference 2014Zabbix conference is rapidly gaining its momentum, gathering together more and more attendees each day. At the same time, the registration for the upcoming event is very fast approaching its official finishing point.

If you are planning to come, then there is no time to wait any longer. Outstanding conference agenda, exciting entertaining program and joyful time spending among the leading IT experts – there should be no doubt on your presence at the event. 🙂

In the meantime, here is another interesting interview with the Zabbix Conference 2014 speaker, Isaac Uribe.

Pre-conference Interview with Isaac Uribe

Isaac UribeIsaac Uribe is a Registry Monitoring Engineer at ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Prior to working at ICANN, Isaac served as a Data Center Solutions’ Consultant for SUSE/Novell. He also held several positions, including IT Service Continuity Manager and Configuration Manager at Network Information Center Mexico. Isaac holds his BS in Information Technologies Engineering. In addition, he has completed continuing IT coursework and holds multiple certifications.

At Zabbix Conference 2014, Day 1, Isaac Uribe will have a presentation on “Monitoring the Internet: when 6 millions of triggers is not enough” – presentation you do not want to miss! Make sure to read the details on Agenda page.

How did you / your company discovered Zabbix?

I.U.: We used the software in previous projects.

Why did you choose Zabbix and what made it to stand out from other available monitoring software?

I.U.: ICANN is all about the community; Zabbix’s open source process aligns very well with our vision.
But most importantly, it is the fastest solution we could find.

What was the key motivation for you to become one of our speakers at Zabbix Conference 2014?

I.U.: It is a great opportunity to meet with the Zabbix community.

Zabbix Conference takes place for the 4th year. What do you want attendees to learn from your session?

I.U.: I hope to be able to share with the Zabbix community how the DNS industry changed following the New generic Top-Level Domain Program.

What is the key message that you will bring to the conference audience by your presentation?

I.U.: The New generic Top-Level Domain Program is an exciting opportunity for innovation in the internet, Zabbix is monitoring it.

What do you look forward to at this year’s Zabbix Conference? What topics / issues you are more likely to discuss outside your session?

I.U.: Scaling, node.js-like frontend, world-map view.

For those, who are still not registered for the upcoming Zabbix Conference, please share your thoughts and reasons why they should join it?

I.U.: There are not many truly good pieces of software in the IT industry (opensource or not). And from those, very few are open for users to meet the engineers and the company behind their product, Zabbix is one of those rare, precious exceptions. If you are using or planning to use Zabbix, what are you waiting for?

Zabbix Team appreciates time and contribution of Isaac Uribe and for his honest vision and opinion about Zabbix and the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2014.

Stay tuned for more pre-conference interviews!

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