Yesterday, on January 23rd, Zabbix SIA received a special award from the Latvian Open Technology Association (LATA) in the nomination for “The most remarkable open technology solution for business” in the private sector.

LATA ceremony was attended by Sergey Sorokin, Director of Business Development at Zabbix SIA, who has received Zabbix prize from the LATA Board members i.e. Edijs Tanons (IBM Latvija) and Janis Treijs (Reverta).

From left to right: Edijs Tanons (IBM Latvija), Sergey Sorokin (Zabbix SIA), Janis Treijs (Reverta).

Criteria for the award were the applicant’s activities in accordance with the LATA’s main goals: to promote cooperation between technology suppliers and consumers, including educational and scientific institutions; investment in openness of technologies, interoperability, reusability and open standards in industry; quality, efficiency and safety of technologies; free and fair competition in technology development and supply; ability to achieve Latvian society attitude in favor of open technologies, i.e. ICT solutions, which are based on open standards, using open or closed source code.

Congratulations to Zabbix users, followers and fans – congratulations to all of us!

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