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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 3 – SSL verification and authentication controls

In these Zabbix 2.4 feature series we have already seen some improvements for the built-in web monitoring – the ability to specify custom headers and control redirects. Web monitoring got improved further – let’s explore the new options regarding SSL … Continue reading

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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 2 – Controlling redirects and header retrieval for web monitoring

Continuing with the improvements for the upcoming Zabbix 2.4, there are several improvements for the web monitoring. In previous versions Zabbix always followed redirects and retrieved the full page – now both of these things can be controlled.  

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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 1 – Multiple LLD filters

Zabbix 2.4 is the upcoming major Zabbix version. While initially scheduled to be released in May 2014, it will be slightly delayed – Zabbix team is working hard, but there’s still a lot they would like to include in this … Continue reading

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Zabbix virtual appliance moving to 64bit

Zabbix virtual appliance has been available for quite a long time now. It includes Zabbix server, agent and frontend, and everything is working out of the box. So far it has always been available in 32bit mode, to make it … Continue reading

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Maps for the lazy

Creating complex maps is a time-consuming job. Actually, even designing a rather small map of 25 elements can take you an hour. That’s time you rather want to spend on something useful or fun, unless you’ve got a fetish for … Continue reading

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Efficient synchronization of proxy configuration in Zabbix 2.0.7

Until Zabbix 2.0.7 proxies used a simple algorithm for their configuration synchronization – overwriting the old configuration with a new one. Even unchanged records were updated. It produced a lot of SQL updates even when there were no changes in … Continue reading

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Scalable Zabbix – Lessons on hitting 9400 NVPS

Also in Russian: эта статья доступна и на русском языке. One of the questions for those of us that use Zabbix on a large scale is “Just how much data can Zabbix ingest before it blows up spectacularly?” Some of … Continue reading

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Zabbix 2.2 features, part 11 – SNMP monitoring improvements

Zabbix offers a lot of methods for data gathering, including SNMP. SNMP has been a popular protocol for many years and probably will stay that way – it’s used on routers, switches, UPS devices, storage arrays and lots of other … Continue reading

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Monitoring the community – two years later

Some might recall that back in 2011 we dug into old logfiles and produced a 5 year graph of Zabbix user count in the #zabbix IRC channel. At the same time, monitoring at a higher rate – hourly – was set … Continue reading

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No more flapping. Define triggers the smart way.

Zabbix trigger expressions provide an incredibly flexible way of defining problem conditions. If you can express your problem using plain English or any other human language, there is a great chance it could be represented using triggers. I’ve noticed that … Continue reading

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