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Introducing string freeze

Zabbix is already translated in quite a lot of languages, but there could always be more, and the available ones could have better coverage. There are several ways how translators’ work can be made easier, and one step is the … Continue reading

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A workaround for trigger based maintenance

Often host level maintenance is too much. Picture a machine running multiple services: While one service has a scheduled downtime, others continue their work and you want to be alarmed about them. Zabbix has no maintenance on trigger level at … Continue reading

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While there are people who have been very active in the Zabbix community, it might not be so easy to start participating, especially if you are not frequenting IRC, which is the main Zabbix community hub. Hopefully the Zabbix community … Continue reading

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Getting started with Zabbix API

Zabbix API starts to play significant role especially when it comes to integration of Zabbix with third-party software like configuration and incident management systems as well as for automation of routine tasks. It is incredibly difficult to manage monitoring of … Continue reading

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Performance improvements in 2.0

The performance of Zabbix is being constantly improved, and there were significant performance improvements back in 1.8. Then pretty much every Zabbix 1.8 series release added some more benefits, reduced database access and so on. With the 2.0 release there … Continue reading

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