Zabbix 2.2 features, part 8 – Reusing content in web monitoring

In several previous articles in the Zabbix 2.2 series we already discussed several improvements for web monitoring – the ability to template it, customise the amount of retries and the ability to specify an HTTP proxy on the scenario level. There’s more – in 2.2 it will also be possible to parse content from a page and reuse it in further scenario steps.

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Zabbix 2.2 features, part 7 – Value extracting from logfiles and more

In the previous article in 2.2 series we explored a new ability to extract values from a webpage. This was not the only feature that was extended this way – several other items gained similar functionality – notably, file content parsing and logfile parsing. The latter has been a popular feature request and should be good news for many users.

And now for some more detail on changes for item keys vfs.file.regexp[]vfs.file.regmatch[], log[] and logrt[].

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Zabbix 2.2 features, part 6 – Returning values from webpages

Zabbix has allowed to check whether a webpage contains a specific string for a long time – using the[] agent item one could verify whether page contents match a regular expression or not, and return the matched string. But what if multiple matches were possible, but we were interested in a specific one? There was no built-in way to do that, but it is coming for Zabbix 2.2.

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Environmental monitoring with Zabbix

So who cares about monitoring the environment?

You. Or, you should!

In this setting, we’re not talking about the environment in the same sense Greenpeace and the other environmental activist groups do.

Not to dismiss the importance of their work, we’re just having a slightly different focus in this room.

Anyway, what or who’s environment are we talking about? Your servers! Core infrastructure equipment! Even the hallway leading to your datacenter and for the HSE-aware, your own cubicles.

But why? We’re already monitoring everything else. We know when disks are running full, network utilization hits the roof and whenever a device goes down.

Sure. But do you in all cases know why?  Could you have prevented it?

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Improved Zabbix API documentation

Exciting news! After a lot of hard work and hundreds of cups of coffee we’re proud to announce that the new documentation of the Zabbix API is complete.  The improved API documentation provides both a high level overview of the available methods and in-depth descriptions of each method separately. Continue reading

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Zabbix Conference 2013 map

Zabbix Conference 2013 is coming. And for the third time it will happen at the hometown of Zabbix – Riga, Latvia.

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Zabbix Conference 2013 location revealed

Zabbix Conference 2013 location has been decided upon, and we are pleased to let you know that it’s Riga, Latvia again. This time we will be honoured to meet you all at Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel. Located on the Daugava riverbank, just opposite of the Old Riga, it should be a great experience for the conference topics and close enough to the center of nightlife as well.

Got any questions, suggestions or other remarks regarding the chosen location? We will be happy to hear them in the comments here or elsewhere.

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Zabbix Conference 2013 – in Latvia

We’ve had two awesome events already – Zabbix Conference 2011 and Zabbix Conference 2012. They both were held in Riga, the Zabbix hometown, at the end of September.

Zabbix conference last year – 2012

We have decided on the dates and place for Zabbix Conference 2013 – it will again happen in Latvia, and it’s moved a bit more towards the summer – September 6th and 7th.

While other countries were considered this time, we decided to go for Latvia still, as it is easier to organise an event here. Of course, we also had several community members actively bug us about conference being in Latvia again – apparently, they have grown fond of it :)

The exact location for the conference has not been decided on yet, but we were advised to warn the potential host about “hundreds of geeks with a wifi need”, as the Zabbix crowd is able to bring a wireless network to its knees in most venues.

We would also suggest to use the chance and see more of Latvia before and after the conference – but definitely plan to arrive early on the previous day as we will have a welcoming event to meet old friends and find new ones.

Many prominent community members have already confirmed their presence – so start planning for September 5-7 in Latvia :)

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Zabbix 2.2 features, part 5 – Better value mapping

Value mapping is a neat, little feature in Zabbix that allows to see what a numeric code actually means. Well, what did that mean? For example, a UPS device might return “2″, which means “all is OK”, and “3″, which means “battery low”. There will be many different devices with different numeric codes, so remembering what they all mean is nearly impossible. Value mapping will show a human readable description, but the raw value will still follow in the parentheses – for example, Normal (2).

Until Zabbix 2.2, this was only supported for integers. Zabbix 2.2 will allow to configure value mapping also for decimal and string values.

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Newly documented APIs

We’ve recently published the documentation for some of the APIs that have been introduced in 2.0 but had not been covered in the manual at all. If you are a Zabbix expert, you’re probably already aware of their existence, but if you don’t know your way around the source code, you might have missed them. Anyway, you can now familiarize yourself with six useful APIs for maintaining your Zabbix configuration. Continue reading

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