Introducing Speakers of Zabbix Conference 2016, part 1

Zabbix Conference 2016

In a month and a half we will meet you all at the 6th international Zabbix Conference, taking place on September 9-10 in Riga.

You will witness practical examples of what Zabbix is capable of, multiple case studies, talks, hands-on experience and spend an amazing time through exciting events before, during and after the conference.

To give you a small preview on the agenda that awaits you, we are creating a  series of pre-conference interviews with the speakers of this years event, granting you a deeper insight on the themes and topics intertwined through the agenda of Zabbix Conference 2016.

In this blog post we present you our honored speaker, Senior Systems Engineer at Kinetic IT, Ryan Armstrong, who is willing to share his inspiration and plans on the upcoming Zabbix Conference 2016.

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Zabbix at Red Hat Summit 2016

At the end of June, Zabbix traveled to San Francisco, CA to take part in one of the biggest world-known open source technology events – Red Hat Summit 2016.

Zabbix technical engineers from Europe, the US and Japan offices got together to share the latest Zabbix news with other open source and monitoring lovers.

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Zabbix at Interop Tokyo 2016

Zabbix participation at the biggest network computing event in Japan – Interop Tokyo 2016 – was a great success. Around 4 000 people visited our booth with more than a half of them actively participating in filling-out Zabbix questionnaires and forms.

Let’s have a look at the snapshots of the moments our team shared at this expo.

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New Tier of Zabbix Training and Webinars

As Zabbix 3.0 is already available and its implementation is in full swing, it’s time to think what is the best way to get a productive and enlightening life with Zabbix 3.0.

Perhaps, you have already checked out Zabbix Training and Zabbix Webinars  created to lighten your workload while learning to apprehend Zabbix. But there’s something you need to know before you use one of these options.

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Shape Your Own Zabbix

Sharing information is an integral part of today’s world. We need to be able to have access to important data and be able to share it with other people. With the release of Zabbix 3.0 we are keeping up with the times and meeting the needs of users, by introducing personalized maps, screens and slide shows, with the ability to share them with other users and user groups.

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Zabbix 3.0 – Being in Control Never Looked So Good

One of the main highlights of the 3.0 release of Zabbix is a much awaited visual overhaul of the front-end interface. Our main effort was to introduce a more lightweight, less cluttered UI and not alienate our users. Sure, there may have been two approaches: a radical redesign and an incremental change with every future release. We think that the right approach for us lies in between with one special ingredient added to the mix: understanding what our users want and how they use Zabbix. We believe this approach will fundamentally improve the quality of the interface we ship with our product

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Enable Safe Data Transmissions with Zabbix 3.0 Encryption Support

Encryption support is one of the long-awaited features in Zabbix. There were various proposals to provide it: from pre-shared secret key (PSK) authentication to full TLS and Kerberos support. A year ago it was decided to go ahead and provide encryption support based on TLS.

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Staying Ahead of the Storm with Trend Prediction

Let’s imagine you fancy a walk in a park. You look out of the window – it’s a lovely sunny day, the skies are clear, birds are flying high… So you dress up and head to the park. Halfway to the park the wind starts to blow, the sky becomes overcast. At this point you start to regret that you have not taken an umbrella with you. You have to turn around and get back home as fast as you can, but at this point you have already no chance to stay dry… Where have you missed your step? You did not check the weather forecast before you left!

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How to Install Zabbix 3.0 Beta on CentOS 6

The long awaited Zabbix 3.0 beta 1 is here. Now we are eager to see what it brings us therefore there is no better way to find that out than installing it and trying on our systems. Continue reading

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How to Install CentOS 6 for Zabbix

The very first alpha versions of long-awaited Zabbix 3.0 were available for testers already some time ago. Now we are getting much closer to the final release of Zabbix 3.0 with the new 3.0 beta available for everyone. Many people would like to give it a try, but sometimes a nice tutorial helps to understand all concepts involved in this process.

In this tutorial a basic Zabbix 3.0 instance will be installed on a virtual testing environment hosted on a laptop, but with some modifications all steps can be applied to an environment of any size.

This tutorial might look a bit out of context regarding Zabbix, but we do hope that it will be useful for at least a few people that are having their first steps in Linux world and would like to give Zabbix a try.

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