The 2.0.4 release contains a lot of improvements so one tiny change may have passed unnoticed: the version of the API has been bumped to 2.0.4 as well. Indeed, that’s one small change in the code, but a huge decision for the Zabbix developers team. The API version has remained on 1.4 since the release of 2.0, but finally we’ve developed a versioning that will suite our needs.

After a heated discussion we’ve decided that the version of the API will be bumped with every Zabbix release and will match the version of the frontend. Since almost every release of Zabbix contains some API changes, increasing the version with every Zabbix release will make the API changes easier to follow. Developers will also be able to quickly match the version of the API with the version of Zabbix itself. You can now add version-specific features to your applications without having to use unreliable workarounds.

Since the API of the trunk is still in active development, it’s current version is 2.1.0 and will be bumped to the stable 2.2.0 with the official release.

The timing of this decision is not accidental. Our work on improving the 2.1 API has just begun and we are already making some major improvements. The first thing we’re working on is redesigning the “output” parameter for get methods. Be sure to follow all the new features in the API changelog.

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Alexei Vladishev
9 years ago

It’s worth mentioning that no changes (except bug fixes and minor improvements) will be introduced in 2.0.x API. All major improvements we are doing currently come directly to 2.1.x (pre-2.2.0) branch.

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