Zabbix 2.4 features, part 9 – Ad-hoc graphs

There have been two types of graphs in Zabbix until now:

Simple ones were available for any numeric item, but could only display that one item. Custom graphs could have multiple items on them, but could only be created by users with administrator privileges.

Zabbix 2.4 adds a capability to graph any items on the same graph, at any time, by any user – essentially, creating ad-hoc graphs.


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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 8 – Debugging web and VMware monitoring

In the previous two blog articles we looked at really great improvements in Zabbix 2.4 to help with debugging/troubleshooting – ability to change loglevel for a running daemon (any sub-process, even) and various smaller validation and error reporting improvements. There is yet another improvement in this area, though – improved debugging capabilities for the built-in web and VMware monitoring for the cases when you really have to dig deep.

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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 6 – Runtime loglevel changing

Historically, issues that might arise when using Zabbix have not been easy to troubleshoot. Not everything that would be useful is always logged. Log level can be increased, but those who still remember the first time they saw what DebugLevel=4 can do will understand why that option usually helped more advanced users. Besides, changing the log level required restart of the daemon, which in many cases would obscure the problem or introduce various other problems like delaying data on proxies in larger installations.

In what could be claimed to be one of the greatest improvements in 2.4 and maybe even beyond that, ability to change log level for a running daemon is coming.

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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 1 – Multiple LLD filters

Zabbix 2.4 is the upcoming major Zabbix version. While initially scheduled to be released in May 2014, it will be slightly delayed – Zabbix team is working hard, but there’s still a lot they would like to include in this release. While the new version is being baked, we can already start looking at the new features that will arrive with it. The first one will be a feature that Zabbix Conference 2013 participants voted on – multiple filters for the low level discovery.

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