Zabbix conference event map

Zabbix Conference 2012 is close, very close. Only three days or so left. Here at Zabbix we all are extremely excited and eager to see you in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The cradle and headquarters of Zabbix. When you arrive, it might be useful to have a visual idea of what’s happening where though, so here’s a map of potentially interesting things in Riga – and outside of it.

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Connecting to the Zabbix appliance in VirtualBox

For quite some time now Zabbix has been offering a virtual appliance for those who would like to try it out or have a simple deployment for a small environment. Among other virtualisation solutions, users also run it on VirtualBox. But, when using NAT in VirtualBox, the host of the virtual machine cannot connect to the appliance directly. Let’s explore how this can be solved.

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Translations for 2.0.3 progressing nicely

The translation improvement initiative is progressing nicely. We had a large jump for French from 69% to 100% and Japanese did the last sprint from 98% to 100% as well. The last percent for Chinese (Taiwan) was finished even before that, thus there are currently 5 translations that are 100% finished. Hooray!

Another significant improvement was German, going from 81% to 94%, and Ukrainian went from 79% to 87%.

Still some 8 hours left to get the translations in 2.0.3. While large surprises are less likely to happen now, let’s see whether there will be any other noticeable improvements.

Aiming for full translations with 2.0.3

As many already know, Zabbix is translated in many languages, better in some, worse in others. With all the improvements that have happened to the translation framework and processes, including moving to gettext and recent introduction of string freeze, it seems like a good time to set some goals. How about getting as many translations as possible to 100% for 2.0.3?

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