Group, aggregate, and visualize your collected metrics with the Graph widget to obtain additional insights.

Sometimes simple graphs may not be sufficient – we may need to visualize data trends, display all metrics matching a pattern, or define custom draw styles for specific metrics.

The Graph widget allows you to visualize your metrics in an advanced fashion:

  • Customize your graph draw styles
  • Select between displaying History or Trend values
  • Calculate and display aggregated metric values on the fly
  • Define custom aggregation intervals
  • Define flexible problem display logic
  • Visually group metrics by defining item and host data sets

Check out the video to learn how to visualize your metrics by using the Graph widget.

How to visualize data with the Graph widget:

  1. Navigate to Monitoring → Dashboards – All Dashboards
  2. Click Create Dashboard to create a new Dashboard
  3. Left-click on an empty space and select Add Widget
  4. Select Widget type – Graph
  5. Type in the data set host and item patterns
  6. Use wildcard symbol ‘*‘ to match multiple hosts/items
  7. Click Add new data set to add a second data set
  8. Fill in the host pattern and item pattern to match a different set of metrics
  9. For both data sets, select an Aggregation functionAggregation interval, and Aggregate – Data set
  10. Observe how metrics get aggregated in the graph on the fly
Tips and best practices:
  • Wildcards can be used in host and item pattern matching
  • The Overrides section can be used to further customize a particular set of items
  • Items within a single data set will use the same base color
  • Up to 50 items may be displayed in the graph
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