Books are a great way to transfer knowledge and experience to other users. Learn the best practices on how to write a Zabbix book yourself.


I. Publishing options (0:20)

1. Publishing on your own (0:57)
2. Publishing with a publisher (2:13)

II. Why writing a book? (4:33)

Publishing options

If you’re thinking about writing a book, you have two different options.

Publishing on your own

To publish a book on your own, you can use a service like Leanpub, or Fulton Books, etc. that can publish the book for you.

You’ll have:

    • to figure out everything by yourself, including font, topic, and format of the book, etc.;
    • to promote the book on your own, which might be difficult, especially if you don’t settle on an electronic version;
    • to decide if you might settle on an electronic version of your book;
    • all the money earned for yourself less a small fee;
    • more control over your own book, its price, etc.;
    • to use a publishing service like Packt, O’Reilly, etc. to help you write.


The publisher can guide you and help you with templates and questions, but will also impose limitations:

    • Books will be reviewed before publication, including spelling control, etc.;
    • There is a strict layout to follow;
    • Topics are agreed on, but some limits may be set, for instance, the number of pages, topics to cover, etc.
    • You will only earn a fee from the book sales and maybe a bonus if you complete the book before the deadline.
    • The book will be promoted by a publisher, which might boost sales.

NOTE. The publisher will guide you through the process, but the share of the author is too small, so you can use a ‘print on demand’ service, for instance, lulu, which is free to use and can provide a free ISBN number. You’ll be able to determine the price and pay the publishing service only a share of your profit, but you’ll need to market the book yourself.  

Why writing a book?

Writing a book is:

    • a fun project to do and a useful experience;
    • a great opportunity to get in touch with the community, and consider their input;
    • a way to promote yourself or your business;
    • a way to earn some extra cash

You can also write a publisher and act as a reviewer to familiarize yourself with the process. In addition, this will give you the chance of reading books before they come out, and for free in a legal way as well.

NOTE. You have to keep in mind though that writing a book will take all of our time, as you’ll also need to build a test environment, make screenshots, etc. As Zabbix releases a lot of updates, you may have to make the screenshots again, and change or add extra text, etc.



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