Being an open-source minded in a closed source world. Interview with Zabbix Conference Benelux 2020 speaker Patrik Uytterhoeven.

Patrik Uytterhoeven is an opensource minded consultant working for Open-Future – one of the oldest Zabbix partners. Patrik is a certified Zabbix trainer and also the author of the Zabbix Cookbook and co-author of the Zabbix 4 network monitoring book. At Zabbix Conference Benelux 2020 he will speak about upgrading Zabbix and migrating from PostgreSQL table partitioning to PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB.

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Zabbix, Time Series Data and TimescaleDB

Every monitoring system has to deal with three kinds of performance-related challenges.

Firstly, a good monitoring system must receive, process and record incoming data very quickly. Every microsecond counts here. This may not seem obvious from the start but when your system becomes large enough all the tiny fractions of seconds add up to become seconds if not minutes.


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Introducing Speakers of Zabbix Conference 2017, part 4

Zabbix Conference 2017Last 5 days are left to join the most epic Zabbix event of the year and to help you with this decision, we are continuing the series of interviews with the presenters of Zabbix Conference 2017.

Registrations are filling up fast, but if you hurry you still might save your seat at the greatest Zabbix event of the year, providing fresh knowledge, skills and business opportunities in the world of it infrastructure monitoring.

Today we would like to present Software Development Manager at S.A.S, Steven Bush, overseeing Zabbix deployment with 4200 active servers across 24 data centers, 1112 users and custom data extraction tools for external reporting on 480000 items.Interview with Steven Bush - ZabConf2017

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