Zabbix is not only the ultimate monitoring solution that is being downloaded for millions of times every year. Zabbix is also a company that provides a wide range of professional services and technical support for those who work with Zabbix every day.

Zabbix Technical Support always seemed to be perfect – Enterprise level covered everything a large business required. But our customers asked for more – for one whole set of services, suitable for companies with branches and offices all around the Globe. So we have met the demand.

What are the benefits of Global I?

There has been a significant improvement made to cover the needs of international corporations. But let’s start with the main benefit. Global I tier covers up to 5 legal entities, while the rest tiers are designed to provide services for only one legal entity. Before Global, every branch office needed to purchase Zabbix technical support separately, but the Global I has changed the game. The company can operate in different countries, in different markets, even have different names and still use the single support package.

What else has been changed?

The initial response time became twice faster compared to the Enterprise package. Further, emergency response time reduced up to 60 minutes. The maximum number of unique persons assigned to use the Global I support tier on behalf of a customer is 20, that is quite a number. The tier includes 20 man-days of Integration and Development Teams to develop complex integrations between Zabbix and 3rd party applications, for building custom automation processes around Zabbix utilizing Zabbix API, and to extend existing Zabbix functionality.

The new tier provides more training options as well – it is the only support package, providing on-site Certified Expert training. And as a cherry on top – 3 full participation tickets to Zabbix Summit.

“We truly believe that the “Global I” Support tier will be a choice for large customers with distributed corporate structure and requiring well-targeted professional support for all group members. “Global I” tier literary covers everything the company may ask from Zabbix. It’s not only the most cost-efficient offer, but it also brings freedom – managers can redistribute the services included in the package between the different members of the group, taking into account the needs of every company.” – says Sergey Sorokin, Business Development Director at Zabbix.

Explore the new package and compare it with other levels on your own.

The Global I technical support tier is an offer to consider if your company asks for more. Feel free to contact us to get more details and find out which support level will serve your business the best.