Zabbix has built-in web monitoring, which provides scenario support – user workflow emulation on the webpage. There are also some neat predefined graphs on the scenario level. Dedicated Zabbix translator zalex_ua has shared some of these predefined graphs… from scenario with 20 steps.

The scenario in question was created to monitor some aspects of Zabbix documentation solution – remember, he’s involved in translating Zabbix? The resulting graphs seemed shiny enough to share with other Zabbix users as well.

Download speed for Zabbix documentation

Here the scenario that monitors Zabbix documentation can be seen in a stacked graph – with individual steps placed one on top of another, so that it is possible to see both the impact of individual step and total amount. As it’s speed, bigger is better. If we can stop looking at the shiny graph area, some dips can be noticed – those are temporary slowdowns. There doesn’t seem to be a single step that slows down everything, it is more or less uniform across the steps. This graph also shows a small part of the translation work – you should be able to spot Cyrillic script there (Russian translation, at first completed by dotneft, who later received help from zalex_ua).

Response time for Zabbix documentation

Here’s also response time graph. Of course, here smaller is better. Again, decrease in performance is mostly uniform without single step being responsible for that.

These graphs can be useful to technical personnel, but they can also be used for some management taming – should be safe to try at home.