What’s Up, Home? – Monitor your iPhone & Apple Watch with Zabbix

I’m entering a whole new level of monitoring and “What’s up, home?” could now also be called “What’s up, me?”. Recently my colleague did hint to me about Home Assistant’s HomeKit Controller integration just to get my HomeKit-compatible Netatmo environmental monitoring device to get to return value back to Zabbix without my Siri kludge. One thing lead to another and now I’m monitoring my iPhone and Apple Watch — so, practically monitoring myself.

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Integrate Zabbix with your data pipelines by configuring real-time metric and event streaming

Modern IT infrastructures tend to utilize multiple data sources to evaluate and react to the current state of the infrastructure. A set of internal solutions and dedicated software tools are used to correlate the collected information and react in a proper way to changes in the environment – be it a gradual increase or decrease in resource usage, unexpected load spikes or run-of-the-mill outages.

With the release of Zabbix 6.4, metrics collected by Zabbix and events generated based on trigger expressions can be integrated into such a data pipeline by using the new real-time metric and event streaming feature.

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