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Shiny, happy Zabbix frontend

With all the snow outside, Zabbix developers have been busy indoors, working on neat features for Zabbix 2.0. While many of those are low level and don’t result in visually pleasing screenshots, just today a significant change was merged to … Continue reading

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Are We Popular or What?

For a long time Zabbix has gone largely unnoticed in the world of monitoring systems. Despite being around for almost 10 years and having several unique features for the time (and still today) like Zabbix proxy, it was not something … Continue reading

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Zabbix gets a blog

Tap, tap… anybody out there? Zabbix, while being a really great monitoring solution, did not have that many things to read about. So it finally gets a voice – this weblog. Here you will be able to read about new … Continue reading

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