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Translation freeze for 2.0.4 starts

As announced two months ago, translation/string freeze is obeyed now. Zabbix 2.0 branch enters freeze now in preparation for 2.0.4 release. For 2.0.3 our awesome translators managed to get 6 translations to 100%. How will it go for 2.0.4?

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The New API Docs

The Zabbix API is a great tool, which allows you to extend and tailor Zabbix to your specific needs. Yet using it still poses a challenge for many developers, because a lot of it is still undocumented. To solve this … Continue reading

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Putting dots on JMX monitoring

Introduction JMX monitoring with Zabbix is easy using Zabbix Java gateway. Let’s say you have a JMX-enabled Java application running on some host. You start the Java gateway, configure Zabbix server to use that, add that host in Zabbix frontend, … Continue reading

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Zabbix 2.0.3 is out with 6 completed translations

Zabbix is translated in multiple languages, 21 in total. Some are in better shape, some in worse, but the 2.0.3 release marks something fairly unique – 6 languages have 100% coverage.

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