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No more flapping. Define triggers the smart way.

Zabbix trigger expressions provide an incredibly flexible way of defining problem conditions. If you can express your problem using plain English or any other human language, there is a great chance it could be represented using triggers. I’ve noticed that … Continue reading

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Zabbix 2.2 features, part 10 – Support of loadable modules

Zabbix comes with an impressive list of supported metrics for virtually all platforms. It covers the monitoring of performance and availability of OS including CPU, memory, network, processes, files, kernel parameters and more. Zabbix also performs agent-less checks for well-known … Continue reading

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Getting started with Zabbix API

Zabbix API starts to play significant role especially when it comes to integration of Zabbix with third-party software like configuration and incident management systems as well as for automation of routine tasks. It is incredibly difficult to manage monitoring of … Continue reading

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Zabbix : Interview 2012 with Alexei Vladishev

This is the interview I gave to Ludovic Valentin a few days ago. He is the maintainer of Monitoring-FR, very well known resource for those interested in monitoring solutions in France.

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Zabbix Conference postponed to Autumn 2011

Zabbix Conference 2011 postponed to Autumn 2011… Continue reading

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Database performance monitoring with Zabbix

I spent a couple of wonderful days at FrOScon 2010 conference recently. I was mostly interested in NoSQL track due to possible implementation of a high performance storage for Zabbix historical data. However after a few presentations I realized that … Continue reading

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