Zabbix conference event map

Zabbix Conference 2012 is close, very close. Only three days or so left. Here at Zabbix we all are extremely excited and eager to see you in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The cradle and headquarters of Zabbix. When you arrive, it might be useful to have a visual idea of what’s happening where though, so here’s a map of potentially interesting things in Riga – and outside of it.

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Zabbix went to Akademy

Akademy, if you happen to not know about it, is a yearly KDE conference that’s followed by various workshops and other events. This year Akademy happened to be really close to the Zabbix home, Riga – just some 300 km away in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. We decided to find out whether Akademy was any good.

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CeBIT 2012, second day

The first day of CeBIT2012 was extremely busy and very productive for the Zabbix team.
We were pleasantly surprised to meet lots of old friends – thank you all for visiting us.
We also made new friends from many countries across the world, and we hope for a long lasting cooperation with every one of you.

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Zabbix Conference postponed to Autumn 2011

Zabbix Conference 2011 postponed to Autumn 2011…

We’ve been doing all our best to organise the conference closer to Zabbix birthday, April 7. Now it looks very much that we do not have enough time to make it happen. There are a number of reasons, and probably number one is our current hard work on Zabbix 2.0, which takes all our time and resources.

So, a few days ago I realised that the best solution would be to postpone the conference, focus on Zabbix 2.0 and have more time for preparation in a nice and calm atmosphere, hopefully.

Anyway the decision was made. Zabbix Conference 2011 was postponed to Autumn 2011, no precise date is set yet. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

On behalf of Zabbix Team I apologise for any inconvenience.