Shape Your Own Zabbix

Sharing information is an integral part of today’s world. We need to be able to have access to important data and be able to share it with other people. With the release of Zabbix 3.0 we are keeping up with the times and meeting the needs of users, by introducing personalized maps, screens and slide shows, with the ability to share them with other users and user groups.

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How to Install CentOS 6 for Zabbix

The very first alpha versions of long-awaited Zabbix 3.0 were available for testers already some time ago. Now we are getting much closer to the final release of Zabbix 3.0 with the new 3.0 beta available for everyone. Many people would like to give it a try, but sometimes a nice tutorial helps to understand all concepts involved in this process.

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Zabbix 2.4 features, part 9 – Ad-hoc graphs

There have been two types of graphs in Zabbix until now:

Simple ones were available for any numeric item, but could only display that one item. Custom graphs could have multiple items on them, but could only be created by users with administrator privileges.

Zabbix 2.4 adds a capability to graph any items on the same graph, at any time, by any user – essentially, creating ad-hoc graphs.


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